Fascination with Sea.

Fascination with Sea.

Posted by Oksana Ossipov on Aug 15th 2018

Ever since early childhood, I had a particular fascination for buoys. I used to live on the banks of a large river, so I would play on the beach all the time, and go for boat rides and adventures. These floating beacons would reflect their bright colors in the water during the day, and shine with a light at night. Sometimes, I was lucky enough to get near one or even touch it, it felt like a fairytale. I always imagined a mermaid popping out of the blue water and turning me into one. To this day, I enjoy seeing buoys and my newly found love, the lighthouses. After all, they are almost like buoys, only larger and static!

This picture was taken in Sydney harbor, Australia. Oh, the number of buoys there is unbelievable. I haven’t been to many harbors, but so far this is my favorite place in the world. I wish I had a small yacht to stay there forever or even to travel the seas.

Buoys in Sydney Harbor, Australia

The color of water is unbelievable there, and the deepness and vastness of the ocean is especially apparent on a sunny day when sunrays shine through the waves. The salty wind near the open ocean feels like such a liberating and at the same time terrifying force. Not to mention the stars! I have never seen so many bright stars as near the open ocean, away from the city lights.

Sun shining through ocean water, Sydney, Australia

I think that I have visited Sydney 6 times — I have actually lost count. Every time, I think that it might be the last one. Yet this magical place keeps calling to me year after year. Hopefully, I will have an opportunity to visit it many more times.

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