Dreamy Lands, original landscape painting

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The Dreamy Lands painting depicts a place where the sky blends with the sea, and any wonder can happen. The artwork is completed in green and yellow tones with just a hint of pinks. It is a fairly abstract and impressionistic work. Crude and rather large brushstrokes of the sea slowly blend into the quiet and mellow fog of the sky. Silhouettes of ships are visible within the vast sea, but even they are gracefully disappearing. One can only imagine what else is hiding there. This artwork is rather small, 8 by 10 inches, and it is more of a sketch of an idea. This painting would look wonderful in a thick frame!

Artist: Oksana Ossipov
Dreamy Lands
Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas
Year painted: 2018
Size: 10 x 8″, 0.6″ thick
Sides are painted, so framing is not necessary
Signed on the back
Varnished to preserve the painting