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Happy Summer! Save 25% on all artworks in the gallery! Just add any artwork to the cart to see the discount.

Summer Sale

Get 25% off all artworks!

Summer is the perfect time to relax, enjoy yourself, and redecorate a little! To help you with the last one, we’re happy to offer 25% savings on all paintings and drawings by Oksana Ossipov. 

Add any painting to the cart to see the discount!

Hot Summer Vibes in Landscape Paintings:

A quiet cool lake, luscious greens, and fragrant flowers are all reminders of a hot summer in the countryside. Explore these paintings to find your perfect summer landscape!

Cool Summer in Playful Waves:

Dive into seascape of cool ocean with this new wave painting by Oksana Ossipov. 

Tasty Summer Harvest Vibes in Still Life:

For many, the summer is associated with harvest in the country. Juicy fruits fill the baskets, and now they can fill the walls all year round. These colorful still life paintings will add a splash to the interior. 

The Pear

Two Fruits


Add any painting to the cart to see the discount!