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Apple and Pear on the Table, original 5 x 7 oil painting

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This small painting of an apple and a pear is another step in still life exploration by Oksana. She is studying the form of fruits and how it interacts with light. In this oil painting, the apple is the focal point. It is bright green, vivid and luscious, and it takes the viewer in. The pear is the supporting character in this duet. It is placed a little further and the colors are rather muted and subtle with a hint of vividness. This pear helps to keep the viewer’s attention inside the picture by preventing the eye from leaving the scene. Both fruits create a circular flow inside the painting that keeps the eye moving from one part to another. The background and tablecloths are painted in muted, warm gray colors. They are complimenting the fruits without drawing too much attention. The fold on the tablecloth on the left also serves as a guide for the viewer’s eye to prevent it from leaving the picture and continue to enjoy the painting.

The painting is rather small, but when framed properly, it would add a beautiful splash to any dining room or kitchen. Oksana has studied fruits for a while now, and she has quite a collection of small still life paintings. For example, this painting “The Pear” was the one that has started it all!

Artist: Oksana Ossipov
Title: Apple and Pear on the Table
Medium: Oil on linen panel
Year painted: 2020
Size: 5 x 7 in
Signed on the back
Comes unframed