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Four Red Apples, original still life painting

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This still life painting depicts four red apples of different sizes and shapes. The unusual elongated form of the apple on the left is what intrigued and inspired Oksana to paint this work. The two larger looking apples were enormous as well; as if this batch of fruits was a consortium of irregularly shaped apples. In Oksana’s opinion, imperfection is what makes things unique and interesting. This painting delivers this idea to the viewer by allowing him or her to study and appreciate each fruit. The composition of this artwork draws viewers’ eye from the top to the bottom apple, and covers fruits in between. Circular flow in this painting is then broken by textured cloth in the background. The texture in this still life is created by means of color contrast, as well as paint layering on the fruits. The main subject of this painting is quite static, but the small apple that stands on top of another one seems to be about to fall. This creates suspense and an idea of movement. The play of colors in the background adds overall dynamism to this artwork.

Artist: Oksana Ossipov
Title: Four Red Apples
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Year painted: 2018
Size: 20 x 16in, 0.6in thick
Can be hanged as is or framed
Sides are painted, so framing is not necessary
Varnished to preserve the painting