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Two and a Half Peaches, original still life painting

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Food is the hardest subject to paint, because there is a good chance that it might get eaten before the artwork is finished. This still life painting of… two and a half peaches nearly did not happened because of this. Luckily the beauty of these fruits prevailed over the taste or perhaps half a peach was enough to finish the artwork. This painting depicts large red peaches on a white plate against a yellow backdrop. One of the peaches is sliced in half, exposing a beautiful peach pit. It’s the most textured part of this painting. The artist wanted to add a tactile feature of peach pit to this artwork. The pit also adds an eye-stopping point in the circular flow of this painting. As the viewer’s eye circles between the three peaches, it gets caught on the pit. This allows the viewer to concentrate on the inner qualities of the peach. The juicy and colorful flesh, the rough and dark pit, this combination adds the contrast point to this painting. The white plate is filled with shades taken from the subject and background, suggesting the light reflection. The fabric backdrop is completed in tones of yellow and blue, creating a soft contrast. In the foreground, the fabric is rather detailed, but in the back it’s loose and rough. This adds depth to the painting and helps the viewer to focus on the peaches and foreground. This painting was created with August and summer in mind, and bright yellows and reds sure help to convey this mood.


Artist: Oksana Ossipov
Title: Two and a Half Peaches
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Year painted: 2018
Size: 20 x 16in, 1in thick
Gallery wrap canvas can be hanged as is or framed if desired
Sides are painted, so framing is not necessary
Varnished to preserve the painting